About Us

Franksleads have been established for over 10 years now, with a great reputation for our hand made weights all done in the uk that are smooth coated and textured coated, textured coated with a difference that these will absorb water and liquids, Franksleads thrive on hand making leads to perfection, before getting sent out to our customers they under go quality control.


We was the first manufacturers to bring these TEXTURED COATED weights out in 2005 that absorb liquids and water, so beware of imatations and copy cats, as reviewed in carp talk, kent freshwater informer and many more. see reviews


 A completely NEW concept in rig mechanics.

These FISHING WEIGHT'S offer a great deal more than the average lead, due to our extensive research, our development team have come up with a far superior finish that not only COMPLETELY disguises the weights, but also has an amazing ability to retain liquid, this in turn enables the angler to utilize the lead as a flavour

delivery  system. Simply dip the weight into your chosen flavours, and due the leads UNIQUE, porous coating, it will give off a steady release of flavoured attractant around your hook bait, totally eradicating the need for pva bags/capsules etc...saving you time and money and cutting out the risk of OVER FEEDING. 

If you choose not to use dips or flavours, the lead will absorb the NATURAL scent of the lake/river bed, thus masking ANY human traces, also picking up fine particles of silt/clay and other microscopic debris making them virtually invisible to shy, wary fish......the ultimate in lead weights.......the ultimate in camouflage..........the ultimate in TEXTURED.